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    Solar panels are always the right choice for you to get electricity !

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    Different wind turbines will fully ensure your energy needs !

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    your lights with UPS

    Turning off the lights will never bother you again with UPS Systems!


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 Our company is ready to cooperate to solve any energy problems and develop alternative energy projects.

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About Us

 Helind specializes in the installation of alternative energy systems, maintenance of installed systems, consulting, development of electronics projects, installation of UPS systems, 3D printing, etc.  provides services such as.


 The use of alternative energy sources can help you save energy in homes with electricity, or in areas where traditional fuels are scarce, in areas where there is no light.  For this reason, Helind LLC's current customers include farmers from different regions of the country, individual entrepreneurs, residents whose lights are often turned off, and citizens who want to use alternative energy systems to save money at home.

Why us?


Our company offers the most suitable system for your energy needs.


The calculation of alternative energy systems that we have installed for any place and the availability of backup facilities create conditions for a constant supply of energy to the house and facility.

Capacity Reserve

Where does the energy we use come from? It’s absolutely vital to every single thing we do every day, but for most people, it is utterly invisible.


Recent News

The main direction of our company is the alternative energy field. The high cost of alternative energy in Azerbaijan encourages us to think about price reduction in this sector. For this, we have initiated domestic production of some equipment.

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