What is a UPS System?

What is a UPS System?

What is a UPS System?

UPS System Installation

Since the alternative energy systems and generators do not fit those living in buildings, we offer you UPS system being considered reliable in the world practice. The UPS system is the best option for the matters wherein power is frequently cut off or light is in need of.

UPS systems have two functions:

Protects your electrical equipment
Reserves energy store
These systems are often identified as generators.

Main differences from generator:

No fuel consumption – while power supply is available in the networks, the batteries are charged and go to standby mode
Works in silent mode, does not interfere with the surroundings
It is starting at the moment when the power is disconnected (in case with generators you must wait for 10-15 seconds. In some places, being left without energy for 10-15 seconds can cause some problems)
No service expenditure required
No need for oil replacement
Supplies energy without interruption
If you live in a building or if you have a business requiring permanent electric power supply (internet club, printing house, laundry, etc.), the UPS system will always insure you.