What is a Lithium Battery?

What is a Lithium Battery?

What is a Lithium Battery?

What is a Lithium Battery?

As solar panels and wind turbine systems develop, so do alternative energy storage systems. Lithium batteries, which are generally used in electric cars, mobile phones or laptops because they are long-lasting and more rechargeable, are now one of the best choices for alternative energy systems. Although lithium ion batteries have just entered our lives, they were actually introduced a long time ago. These batteries were invented in 1912 by the initiative of Gilbert N. Lewis and have undergone significant improvements to this day. As Helind LLC, we offer you the highest quality lithium-ion ( lib ) batteries in Azerbaijan.

Lithium Batteries and Key Features

The name lithium ion comes from the chemicals used in the battery. Lithium-ion batteries are one of the newest products to be used in battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries store more energy than conventional batteries. Due to the production technology, lithium batteries, which can be very light and small in size, also lead to great savings in terms of space. these batteries are the most suitable batteries for use in hybrid cars, the use of renewable energy sources, telecommunications technology and many other areas.

Lithium batteries have a very long energy storage life. With their fast charging features, they save time, and due to their light weight, they have easy portability.

Life of Lithium Batteries

The life of lithium ion batteries begins at the end of the production process. That is, when the batteries are finished, they are placed on the shelves and begin their life as many products. The performance and longevity of lithium batteries vary depending on the form in which the user uses the battery.
Even if a lithium battery is stored unused at a room temperature of 25 degrees and is full charged after each use, there will be a 20% reduction in battery life each year.
The life of lithium ion batteries is directly related to the temperature of the place where they are stored. As the temperature increases, the battery life decreases, and as the temperature decreases, the battery life increases.

Another nuance that affects the service life of lithium is the battery charge level. If a 40% charged battery is stored at 0 degrees, there can be an approximately 2% reduction in annual service life.

Some nuances need be considered in order to use these batteries for the longest possible time. Thus, it is not necessary to store the battery completely empty first. The life of batteries stored in a completely discharged state is shortened. For this reason, it is very important to save energy, even if it is small.

Under standard operating conditions, the average lithium ion battery life is around 20 years.

Advantages of These Batteries

These batteries are very advantageous. For this reason, it is currently the most widely used type of battery in the world. The following nuances distinguish lithium batteries from others:
• Lithium batteries take up less space than other conventional batteries with the same capacity. It is a reality that on average the earth occupies less than 1 in 4 places.
• These batteries are 1 to 4 times lighter than other conventional batteries with the same capacity.
• These batteries do not expire suddenly. But over time, the capacity of the battery begins to decline. When the battery fails, it can be stopped.
• Lithium battery can operate at full capacity.

• Lithiums can be recharged at any time.
• No need to wait for the batteries to fully discharge to charge.
• Does not have memory problems like other batteries. That is, the amount of charged energy remains in the battery’s memory.
• These batteries can be charged in as little as 2.5 hours.
• Lithiums are very safe. Liquid, acid or toxic gases do not leak from the battery. For this reason, it is easy used in the world.

• Lithiums have high filling and discharging efficiency.
• These batteries can be used from -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. (However, average temperatures should be expected so that extreme weather conditions do not damage its capacity.)
• LI batteries are more expensive than others, but are an advantageous choice for long-term use.
• Lithium-ion batteries are maintenance-free devices.
• There is a controller inside the battery, which makes it more secure.

Lithium Battery, Warranty and Battery Sales Center

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