What is Lead Carbon Battery?

What is Lead Carbon Battery?

What is Lead Carbon Battery?

Renewable Energy Charging

The topic of energy conservation is becoming more and more popular. After the installation of solar energy systems, the issue of energy storage will become more important in the near future. At this point, it may be difficult to decide which types of batteries to use due to evolving technology and lower prices. First of all, let’s give a brief information about the types of batteries that can be used in homes.

Types of Batteries For Alternative Energy

Alternative energy systems used in homes use new and rapidly evolving lithium batteries, the main lead being acid-based batteries. Gel, AGM, OpzS, OpzV, LiFePO4, Lithium-ion batteries are more popular in this sector, where there are products that require little or no maintenance. When we compare cheaper batteries with some batteries, the energy we get over the life of the battery can be a bit more expensive. Prices for lithium batteries are falling rapidly over time. According to Bloomberg, in 2026, lithium will cost $ 100 / kWh.

What is Lead Carbon Battery?

Lead Carbon, also known as Lead Carbon battery, can enter our lives very quickly. These batteries have the advantage of being lithium-powered, even better, and cheaper than lithium. One of the most important problems that can occur over time in standard lead acid batteries is the sulfatization of the electrolyte inside the battery. This directly affects the capacity and performance of the battery. In Lead Carbon batteries, this effect is minimized (activated carbon is added to the negative electrode of the battery) to obtain a longer battery life.

Advantages of Lead Carbon Batteries

  • Lead is more durable than acid batteries.
  • The number of cycles is more.
  • Fast charging and quick unloading are available. For example, lithiums also have a fast charge, but a quick discharge is detrimental to lithium.
  • Lithium batteries need special battery management systems called BMS (to prevent overcharging or undercharging).
  • Lead Carbon batteries do not need such systems.
  • Compared in price (lithium and carbon), carbon batteries have twice the capacity at the same price.
  • Suitable for on-grid, off-grid, hybrid and UPS systems. No need for cooling system.

Why Are Lead Carbon Batteries Suitable For Alternative Energy Systems?

Lead Carbon batteries do not seem to allow lithium batteries to become more popular for alternative energy systems. It is a great alternative, especially for those who are looking for a product in terms of price. Lead Carbon batteries can be thought of as a product that has been adapted to today’s requirements by overcoming the disadvantages of previous batteries.

Lead Carbon Battery Warranty and Battery Sales Center

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